Juanita Bookkeeping Group was established with a vision of developing a firm tailored to small business bookkeeping and business services.

Our mission is to benefit our clients, by removing the burden of necessity for a costly bookkeeping staff.

We guarantee to:

• Provide significant savings to our client’s bookkeeping and business service costs

• Reduce the additional unwanted exertions of the small business owner that coincides with entrepreneurship

• Optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of client performance

• Save valuable time

• Improve profitability

• Advance the client’s competitive advantage

• Streamline the client’s workflow into a one-stop service solution

We believe the financial function of a business is the central nervous system. Therefore, hiring a reputable and honorable firm to plan and control the financial functions is vital for survival and longevity. It is one thing to survive in a corporate driven economy, Juanita Bookkeeping Group is dedicated to our small business clients to thrive not just survive.

Our Values

Responsibility – Dedication & motivation to fulfill the obligation of our engagement to clients

Accountability – Respect, trust, and adherence to the financial accounting standards

Integrity – Maintain ethical and moral principles to exceed expectations of confidentiality and quality

Honor – Demonstrate and uphold our duty and loyalty to deliver superiority to clients