Pricing for Bookkeeping

Fixed monthly bookkeeping pricing for your business.

We understand the cost of hiring and managing an in-house bookkeeper is expensive. The costs associated with an in-house bookkeeper include salary and payroll taxes, medical insurance, pension plan contributions, vacation, sick time compensation, and don’t forget the equipment and spacing requirements.

By outsourcing your bookkeeping to Juanita Bookkeeping Group, you can control your costs, gain the knowledge and experience of a company that specializes in providing bookkeeping services and ensure that your bookkeeping files are in compliance.

We offer three fixed fee bookkeeping packages. These packages provide you with predictable and consistent monthly costs, rather than an unpredictable price based on an hourly charge.

20% discount on all plans for clients who sign-up for auto pay.

Start Up – Management of up to 2 accounts (such as bank, credit card or PayPal) Up to 300 transactions starts at $575/month * One-time setup fee of $200

Entrepreneur – Management of up to 3 accounts (such as bank, credit card or PayPal) Up to 500 transactions starts at $675/month * One-time setup fee of $250

Developed – Management of up to 4 accounts (such as bank, credit card or PayPal) Up to 700 transactions starts at $775/month * One-time setup fee of $250

Quarterly bookkeeping pricing range from $1275 – $1975 per quarter (depends on the volume of work required). * One-time setup fee of $450

Monthly Bookkeeping Services Include:

  • Accounts payable (entry, bill paying)
  • Accounts receivable (entry, invoicing, deposits, collection)
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Franchise Tax Reporting
  • Managing accounts payable vendors
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Monthly/Quarterly Financial Statements
  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Processing of data and expense management by our staff
  • Accounting for loans, leases or lines of credit
  • Tracking reimbursements to clients or employees
  • Secure document upload on our client portal
  • Annual review and report preparation for your Tax Advisor

Consulting services ( Additional fees apply):

  • Budgeting Forecast
  • Cash Flow Management and Reports
  • Data Analysis Reports
  • Analyzing Trends Cost and etc.
  • Inventory Data Management
  • Tracking multiple revenue streams

In addition to our monthly pricing plans, we offer one-time clean-up/catch-up bookkeeping for a flat fee of $1975 per year (some restrictions apply) with deposit of $975.

Sometimes clients require extensive catch-up and clean-up work on their books. We work with you on providing an accurate quote for these services. Every business runs differently and after a consultation we are able to finalize pricing for our clients.

Call us today at 972-464-6379 or 469-693-8949 to request a consultation.