How QuickBooks Protects Your Data, and How You Can Help

The data in your QuickBooks company file contains some of the most sensitive information on your computer. Make sure it’s secure.  Your customer list is gold. And those Social Security and bank card numbers in your payroll, client, and vendor records need to be protected from intruders and only viewed by authorized employees.  It’s not

Start Off on the Right Foot for the 2019 Tax Year

Article Highlights: W-4 Updates W-9 Collection Estimated Tax Payments Charitable Contributions Required Minimum Distributions Gifting Retirement-Plan Contributions Beneficiaries Reasonable Compensation Business-Vehicle Mileage College-Tuition Plans Individuals and small businesses should consider various ways of starting off on the right foot for the 2019 tax year.  W-4 Updates – If you are employed, then your employer takes the

Quickbooks Tip: Setting Up Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online

Sales tax is one of the more complicated concepts supported by QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online was designed for you, the small businessperson. You’ve probably discovered that many of its features are fairly easy to use from the start. But just because QuickBooks Online can do something doesn’t mean you should attempt it on your own. Sales tax

QuickBooks Tip: Get Paid Faster Using QuickBooks

Are your customers slow about paying their invoices? QuickBooks can help accelerate your receivables. Your company’s cash flow depends largely on how quickly your customers pay the invoices you’ve sent. And if you’re like most small businesses, those checks tend to dribble in close to—and after—the due date. If you operate on a slim margin,

Recordkeeping Tips to Keep the IRS Away

Article Highlights: Tax Recordkeeping Tips Receipts Auto Deductions Gifts Business Equipment Ordinary and Necessary Meals & Lodging Home Office With the ever-increasing complexity of our tax system, it is commonplace for many small businesses to make mistakes with bookkeeping and filing. One way to avoid making errors is to be aware of the most commonly