June Estimated Tax Payments Are Just Around the Corner

Article Highlights:  Employees Self-Employed Individuals Individuals with Sources of Income Without Withholding Quarterly Payments Underpayment Penalty Safe Harbor Payments June 15th falls on the weekend this year, so the due date for the second installment of estimated taxes is the next business day, June 17, which is just around the corner. So, it is time

Start Off on the Right Foot for the 2019 Tax Year

Article Highlights: W-4 Updates W-9 Collection Estimated Tax Payments Charitable Contributions Required Minimum Distributions Gifting Retirement-Plan Contributions Beneficiaries Reasonable Compensation Business-Vehicle Mileage College-Tuition Plans Individuals and small businesses should consider various ways of starting off on the right foot for the 2019 tax year.  W-4 Updates – If you are employed, then your employer takes the

Filing a 1099-MISC Are You Collecting the Needed W-9s?

Article Highlights: $600 Threshold Exceptions Form W-9 Impact of Tax Reform 1099-MISC Filing If you use independent contractors to perform services for your business or your rental that is a trade or business, for each individual whom you pay $600 or more for the year, you are required to issue the service provider and the

Year-end Tax Planning Is Not Business as Usual; Things You Need to Know

Article Highlights: Major Tax Changes in 2018 Refund or Tax Due? Underpayment of Taxes Alternative Minimum Tax Minimum Required Distributions Convert into a Roth IRA Review Portfolio for Losses Make the Most of Higher Education Tax Credits Optimize Health Savings Account Contributions Empty Flexible Spending Accounts Bunch Charitable Deductions Remember the Annual Gift Tax Exemption

Understanding Tax-Deferred Investing

Article Highlights: Income Deferral Earnings Deferral Individual Retirement Accounts Retirement Accounts Bank Savings Short- and Long-Term Capital Gains Education Savings Accounts Health Savings Accounts When you are attempting to save money for your children’s future education or your retirement, you may do so in a number of ways, including investing in the stock market, buying

Why Am I Being Audited by the IRS?

With the 2018 filing season currently behind us, notices have started to appear in mailboxes. While the IRS letterhead strikes fear into the hearts of most Americans, a vast majority of those notices are nothing to fear, since most of them are computer-generated and referring to outstanding tax bills you haven’t paid yet or errors

Recordkeeping Tips to Keep the IRS Away

Article Highlights: Tax Recordkeeping Tips Receipts Auto Deductions Gifts Business Equipment Ordinary and Necessary Meals & Lodging Home Office With the ever-increasing complexity of our tax system, it is commonplace for many small businesses to make mistakes with bookkeeping and filing. One way to avoid making errors is to be aware of the most commonly

First-Year Start-Up Tax Issues

If creating a start-up business were an easy thing to do, then a lot more people would be doing it. For those who make the decision to fulfill their dreams and go for it, success relies on being fully prepared. Some of the most common stressors encountered by entrepreneurs involve tax liabilities, whether business is

How Small Businesses Write Off Equipment Purchases

  Article Highlights: Depreciation Materials & Supplies De Minimis Safe Harbor Expensing Routine Maintenance Unlimited Expensing Bonus Depreciation Sec 179 Expensing Mixing Methods From time to time, an owner of a small business will purchase equipment, office furnishings, vehicles, computer systems and other items for use in the business. How to deduct the cost for