Year-end Tax Planning Is Not Business as Usual; Things You Need to Know

Article Highlights: Major Tax Changes in 2018 Refund or Tax Due? Underpayment of Taxes Alternative Minimum Tax Minimum Required Distributions Convert into a Roth IRA Review Portfolio for Losses Make the Most of Higher Education Tax Credits Optimize Health Savings Account Contributions Empty Flexible Spending Accounts Bunch Charitable Deductions Remember the Annual Gift Tax Exemption

10 Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Miss When Starting Out

The process of starting a small business can be an arduous one; there are numerous steps that need to be taken — and often in a precise order — to legally establish a business. As a result, the process can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to overlook some important details and steps along the

Not Using QuickBooks Online? What You’re Missing Out On

If you dread every minute of the time you spend on accounting, you should know how QuickBooks Online can change your outlook. How long would it take you to determine: What your total expenses for this quarter are? Whether or not your business is profitable as of today? How much you’ve sold every month this

Understanding Tax-Deferred Investing

Article Highlights: Income Deferral Earnings Deferral Individual Retirement Accounts Retirement Accounts Bank Savings Short- and Long-Term Capital Gains Education Savings Accounts Health Savings Accounts When you are attempting to save money for your children’s future education or your retirement, you may do so in a number of ways, including investing in the stock market, buying

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