We can do your bookkeeping remotely. Based the volume of work to be completed, we can perform regular A/P and A/R tasks bi-weekly; or you can take care of receiving payments and paying bills throughout the month, and at the end of the month we will enter all of that month’s transactions into your bookkeeping system and reconciling the books.

As your bookkeeping needs change, we’ll adapt your service plan to match.

General Bookkeeping Services

• General Bookkeeping Setup – If needed, we can setup your books for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

• Accounts Receivable Bookkeeping Services – Invoicing, sales receipts, receive and deposit incoming payments, etc.

• Accounts Payable Bookkeeping Services – Entering purchase orders and invoices, cutting checks for vendors and other liabilities, etc.

• Record Keeping – Make journal entries.

• Reconciliation – Reconcile bank statements, credit cards, etc.

• Reporting – Generate instant financial statements for bank loans, etc.

• Year End Reporting – Expertly prepare all financial information at year end for your CPA and/or tax preparer. Better records = tax savings.

Payroll Services

• Add or edit employee information.

• Accurate – We meticulously process your time data, so your employees are paid what they should be paid.

• Weekly / biweekly payroll processing – Print checks or process direct deposit (our preferred method).

• Reporting – Print payroll register and other reports.

• Record keeping – Process monthly, quarterly, and year-end payroll reports, including 1099’s and W2’s.

Financial Consulting Services

• Financial statements on a monthly or quarterly basis

• Provide financial analysis and overhead analysis for business management decisions

• Set Up Chart of accounts

• Create and develop budget and forecast options to maximum profit

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