Our goal is to help you meet your goals, both short and long term.  We know that competent, consistent bookkeeping is the key to a business’ success. Having accurate and professionally-prepared financial documents enhances your understanding of the health of your business and guides your decisions. Some of our clients ask us to assume all of their bookkeeping responsibilities, while others just need help with a few of the more complex and time-consuming tasks. Whichever route you choose, rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Our talented team is experienced with all the major software programs.  We perform vital bookkeeping functions, such as accounts payable/receivable, payroll, general ledger accounting, bank reconciliations, financial statement preparation and financial analysis.

Let us do your monthly bookkeeping at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. We make it a priority to learn your goals and operations quickly so we can hit the ground running.  Based on experience, we can easily identify opportunities for more effective bookkeeping tracking, improved internal controls, and other areas that will make your business more profitable.

As your bookkeeping needs change, we’ll adapt your service plan to match.

General Bookkeeping Services

Whether you are a start-up business, a growing business or a mature corporation, We have the expertise to help you.  We can handle it all.  If you’re having issues preparing your financial statements, we can tackle them for you.  You name it…we can do it!

  • General Bookkeeping Setup – If needed, we can setup your books for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
  • Accounts Receivable Bookkeeping Services – Invoicing, sales receipts, receive and deposit incoming payments, etc.
  • Accounts Payable Bookkeeping Services – Entering purchase orders and invoices, cutting checks for vendors and other liabilities, etc.
  • Record Keeping – Make journal entries.
  • Reconciliation – Reconcile bank statements, credit cards, etc.
  • Reporting – Generate instant financial statements for bank loans, etc.
  • Year End Reporting – Expertly prepare all financial information at year end for your CPA and/or tax preparer. Better records = tax savings.

Payroll Services

Our payroll services are designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution for managing your payroll duties. Whether you are just starting your business or you would like to switch to a better system for payroll processing, we can provide the business services that you require. We can help simplify the payroll process to help you more effectively manage your small business.

  • Add or edit employee information.
  • Accurate – We meticulously process your time data, so your employees are paid what they should be paid.
  • Weekly / biweekly payroll processing – Print checks or process direct deposit (our preferred method).
  • Reporting – Print payroll register and other reports.
  • Record keeping – Process monthly, quarterly, and year-end payroll reports, including 1099’s and W2’s.

Financial Consulting Services

We can help you by delivering services that keep your business on the right track in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing environment on issues of critical importance to your business: new start-ups, finance, operations and profit planning. Our expertise can help you make logical decisions and avoid pitfalls that your business can do without.

  • Financial statements – Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly reporting
  • Financial analysis and overhead analysis – For business management decisions
  • Organize and Set Up – Chart of accounts and etc.
  • Cash Flow Management – Better understanding of your cash needs
  • Budget and Forecasting – Maximum profit and improvement

We can Help! Contact us to learn more.