Quick Books

Quick Books is the leading bookkeeping software for small to midsize businesses. Although Quick Books provides a user-friendly platform for managing your finances, getting the initial setup right is essential.

As a highly experienced firm, Juanita Bookkeeping Group is exceptionally qualified to provide the assistance you need.

First, we’ll discuss the bookkeeping needs of your business to determine which version of Quick  Books is right for you. Next, we’ll provide Quick Books setup services including installing your software, mapping accounts, and showing you how to create templates for invoices.

We’ll also explain how to develop and run handy reports that allow you to keep tabs on your assets and expenses. But our job doesn’t stop there; we also offer ongoing Quick Books support throughout the year by phone or email.

If you suspect something is incorrect in your data but you’re not able to locate the issue yourself, please turn to us for assistance. We’ll review your Quick Books file and fix any errors so you can be confident that your entries are accurate and your records are up to date.

And best of all, your Quick Books data will be organized for tax time, making filing your taxes less expensive, and more stress-free.

  • Choosing the best version of Quick Books for your business
  • Software installation Quick Books setup – mapping accounts, creating invoices, and much more
  • Quick Books support by phone or email
  • Data file review and clean up

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